​Krista Buccellato

Audition Coaching

Carrying a lot of baggage into the audition room with you? ...aren't we all!  But the community is the best part of this industry.  We can work through it together!

I love being a part of the creative process and lending an eye and an ear to other people's works-in-progress.    

Whether you’re just getting started, prepping for college auditions, or trying to refine your audition cuts, I'm ready to help you bring *you* to your material and inspire confidence in the audition room!  We'll play with vocal placement, intention, and physicality to help make your choices as honest and grounded as possible.

I have experience coaching performers of all ages and abilities.  Most recently, I've coached the uniquely-abled cast of Dreamstreet Theatre Company on our adapted production of "Our Town."  Visit the Contact Me page for more info on how to get in touch and set up a meeting!